Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Your search for a credible web-hosting provider is finally over! We help you to choose from our expsnsive range of webhosting services that caters to your website’s functional needs. We assure you of security, efficiency and a wide array of plans, all at affordable prices! Our full range of high-end web hosting services includes.

  • Windows Server
  • Linux Server
  • Reseller Server
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Email Hosting

Custom email hosting services will allow you to host professional looking emails with your company name as the domain name. For example, your customized email will take on the form name@company.com. These webmail’s come with attractive features that are equal to or superior to the free email services you are accustomed to. These personalized mail services are usually come in bulk packages, thus allowing you to set up personalized company email ids to your entire staff. This professional outlook will showcase a unique identity of your company and yourself, as opposed to free mail ids hosted via traditional email servers.

  • Outlook Emails (Android, iOS, etc)
  • Gmail Apps
  • Rediff Mails

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